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Past Presidents


Dr. Hannah Edwards Hart, President Mobile ALumna Chapter
Mobile Alumnae Chapter is committed to sisterhood, scholarship, and service. Further, we are dedicated to making an impact on the community, as we reflect on the legacy of our 22 Founders and our lifetime commitment to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Mobile Alumnae Chapter has a rich and illustrious history in serving our community.Mobile Alumnae continues to make luminous achievements under the leadership of dynamic, dedicated sisters during its years of existence. They thrive in keeping Delta stronger, the membership higher and our services and contributions productive.


1942-1944 M. Evelyn Ware 1978-1982 Dr. Yvonne Kennedy **
1944-1946 Harveyette McAllister Taylor 1982-1984 Claire Duncan Wormley
1946-1948 Irene McKinnis 1984-1986 Violet Golden Lowery
1948-1952 Alberta L. Brasier 1986-1990 Grace Yelling Wyatt
1952-1956 Olivet Foster Richardson 1990-1994 Vivian Battiste
1956-1960 Mattie Hamilton Chatman 1994-1996 Ernestine Jackson
1960-1962 Dorothy Coleman Rushing 1996-1998 Louise Thrower
1962-1964 Effie Moton Goode 1998-2002 Fannie B.Wright
1964-1966 Florence Eaton Doss 2002-2004 Bonita C. Hope
1966-1968 Eugenia Burroughs Rankins 2004-2006 Tommie Conaway
1968-1970 Luberta Westry Portis 2006-2008 Diana Glover McNeil
1970-1974 Dr. Yvonne Kennedy ** 2008 – 2010 Katryna Lowery Ellis
1974-1976 Sallie K. Johnson 2010 – 2012 Linda J. Dennison
1976-1978 Dr. Beatrice Brooks Morse 2012-2014 Dr. Hannah Edwards Hart
2014- Dr. Hannah Edwards Hart

**The late Dr. Yvonne Kennedy has the distinction of holding the office of President of Mobile Alumnae from 1970 – 1974 and from 1978 – 1982. She also served as a Past Southern Regional Director, 1st National Vice President and was unanimously elected as the 19th National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Mobile Alumnae’s leadership expands beyond that of the local level. During this biennium, members of our chapter were appointed to positions on the National Executive Board and a National Committee of Cynthia M.A. Butler McIntyre, our 24th National President.

The late Dr.
Yvonne Kennedy

19th National President
The Honorable
Alexis Herman
Honorary Co-Chair
Social Action

Violet G. Lowery
National Co-Chair
of Protocol

Mary Carmen Williams
Member of the Regional
Nominating Committee