Chapter Programs

Since its founding in 1913, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has clearly distinguished itself as a public service organization that boldly confronts the challenges of African Americans and, hence, all Americans. Over the years, a wide range of programs addressing education, health, international development, and strengthening of the African American family has evolved. The Mobile Alumnae Chapter of, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. provides an extensive array of public service initiatives through its Five-Point Programmatic Thrust.

Those five key areas are:

National economic trends, such as unstable employment, the threat to Social Security as we know it, and the widening gap between wealth and poverty are the basis for the development of Financial Fortitude, the current Economic Development program initiative of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Financial Fortitude is a process that will help program participants to set and define goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and to put the plan into action. The process serves as a blueprint to address all aspects of personal finances.

The Economic Development Committee develops and implements programs and activities designed to promote economic awareness in our service area. In addition, the committee helps to educate Delta GEMS and Delta Academy participants about good money management skills.

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The goal of the Educational Development Committee is to partner with other committees within the Mobile Alumnae Chapter, parents, and the community to develop and implement programs and activities that will enhance the academic and career development of our youth.

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Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy

Catching the Dreams of Tomorrow, Preparing Young Women for the 21st Century: The Delta Academy was created in 1996 out of an urgent sense that bold action was needed to save our young females (ages 11-14) from the perils of academic failure, low self-esteem, and crippled futures. Delta Academy provides an opportunity for local chapters to enrich and enhance the education that our young teens receive in public schools across the nation. Specifically, we augment their scholarship in math, science, and technology, their opportunities to provide service in the form of leadership through service learning defined as the cultivation and maintenance of relationships. A primary goal of the program is to prepare young girls for full participation as leaders in the 21st Century.  The Delta Academy Committee schedules family activities, community service projects and one Delta Academy Workshop per month.  The meeting day is held the second Saturday of the month.  There is no participation fee associated with this program.

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Delta GEMS: Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully

A natural outgrowth and expansion for the continuation of the highly successful Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy: Catching the Dreams of Tomorrow, Delta GEMS was created to catch the dreams of African-American at-risk, adolescent girls aged 14-18. Delta GEMS provides the framework to actualize those dreams through the performance of specific tasks that develop a CAN DO attitude.

The goals for Delta GEMS are:

  • To instill the need to excel academically.
  • To provide tools that enable girls to sharpen and enhance their skills to achieve high levels of academic success.
  • To assist girls in proper goal setting and planning for their futures in high school and beyond.
  • To create compassionate, caring, and community-minded young women by actively involving them in service-learning and community service opportunities.

The Delta GEMS Committee schedules one workshop per month. The meeting day is usually held on the third Saturday of the month and no participation fee is associated with this program.

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In 1955, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. began making plans and laying the groundwork to establish a maternity hospital in the east African country of Kenya. The plans for a facility came to fruition in the early 1960s when Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. made a major donation to help finance the construction of the Thika Maternity Hospital in Thika, Kenya, which is now named Mary Help of the Sick Mission Hospital. The first hospital to open after Kenya gained its independence, Mary Help of the Sick Mission Hospital continues to be operated by the missionary sisters of the Holy Rosary.

The International Awareness and Involvement Committee develops and implements programs that will promote cultural awareness and support national initiatives identified by Grand Chapter.  The Mobile Alumnae Chapter has assisted the Mary help of the Sick Mission Hospital in Kenya by donating funds for equipment, property maintenance, and for the training of practical nurses and midwives.  In addition, the committee has sponsored clothing, shoe, and toiletry drives to support children and families in other countries that are living in poverty.

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Healthy Lifestyle: Total Woman: Mind, Body, and Spirit

As an organization of predominantly African American women, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is uniquely positioned to impact not only the well-being of its membership, but also the families and communities we serve. Journey to Wellness: Committing our Bodies to Physical and Mental Health is now the signature Physical and Mental Health call to action. The initiative addresses the challenges of living holistic and healthy lives. The three-pronged approach to Journey to Wellness includes: signature programs, Catching, Coping, Conquering; My Cry in the Dark; and Healthy Lifestyles. The Mobile Alumnae Chapter has the distinction of annually hosting the Delta Red Walk in which individuals and teams inclusive of community youth groups, churches, and Greek letter organizations participate in a 3-mile walk bringing awareness to the impact of HIV/AIDS in our community. Proceeds benefits are donated to AIDS Alabama South, LLC. Moreover, our chapter supports the sorority’s national efforts to provide health education programs in order to prevent at risk-behaviors and to promote healthy lifestyles for our families and the community.

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In March of 1913, nearly six weeks after its founding, several Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Founders marched in the historic Suffragist March under the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. banner, the Sorority’s first public act. Today, low voter turnout statistics highlight the need to continue to identify ways to include opportunities for all citizens to exercise their voting power. Each of Delta’s programmatic initiatives has an advocacy component that is implemented under the auspices of social action when it is appropriate or necessary to do so.

Under the auspices of the National Social Action Commission, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. continues to institute activities that foster:

  • Sponsoring Voter Registration and voter education programs
  • Combating Voter Suppression
  • The full restoration of voting rights for individuals who have paid their debt to society (ex-offenders)
  • Affordable Health Care and access to quality health care
  • Financial Literacy and Economic Empowerment
  • Support for HBCU
  • Political Awareness and Involvement
  • Gender Equality
  • Racial Profiling

The Political Awareness and Involvement Committee of The Mobile Alumnae Chapter successfully register and educate voters as well as increase political awareness in Mobile County. The committee hold forums that empower the citizens on issues that impact the community and align programs with those of Social Action and National Initiatives to implement quality programs.  The Mobile Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is committed to advocating for social justice and equality.

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Sparkling Jewels Scholarship Cotillion

The Sparkling Jewels Scholarship Cotillion was developed to provide scholarships, educational, cultural and social exposures as well as assisting the participants in understanding the need to provide service to their communities. The participants must be a 12th grade student in a school in Mobile County or a student being home-schooled.

The 22 Founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. used their collective strengths to promote academic excellence, provide scholarships and support to the underserved; educate and stimulate participation in the establishment of positive public policy; and to highlight issues and provide solutions for problems in their communities.

The Mobile Alumnae Chapter welcomes applicants each year to become participants in our Cotillion.  Workshops designed to enhance cultural, scholarly, and leadership skills are held monthly and the culminating event (The Scholarship Cotillion) is held in April.


Mobile Alumnae Chapter Scholarship Program

The Mobile Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to high school students in Mobile County.  We are dedicated to the continued support and development of the youth in our community and will offer scholarship award opportunities yearly, to deserving high school students who are committed to furthering their education.


Image of DST Mobile Alumnae Delta Scholarship Winner Avarie Lambert
Image of DST Mobile Alumnae Delta Scholarship Winner Katherine Rush
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